Open Call World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam 2021

Want to show your work alongside the best  Photojournalist of this year and around 10.000 visitors? We will show the winners of the World Press Photo 2020 in Rotterdam and organise a open call for you. Submit here your photos!

Terms & Conditions World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam


From July 17th to August 8th 2021, Foundation Daguerre organise the World Press Photo exhibition 2021 in Rotterdam and will take us on a journey of contemporary photography. The theme for this year is "Changes", the exhibition presents a wide range of perceptive photographers who observe and question our constantly changing visual culture. Differences between rich and poor and left and right seem to be increasing, while various cultures and traditions influence each other in all sorts of ways. These contemporary changes (like the Covid19 crises and the Brexit) form the common thread in the 2021 edition of World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam. The exhibition will be on display at the Laurenskerk Rotterdam.

Program & Activities

This edition of the festival demonstrates a new way of exhibiting by showcasing both young talent and established names. Next to the official winners of the World Press Photo contest 2021. This year the final results of the photographic Open Call will be shown. The selected photographers focus on contemporary issues, with Planet Human as their theme. The jury will select over 20 photographers for the Open Call exhibition . 


World Press Photo Rotterdam has chosen the theme of our partner Rotterdam Photo "Planet Human" for the 2021 edition. This theme is partly inspired by the corona crisis, which brought our daily lives to a complete standstill in record time. Nothing is the same anymore and our mortality suddenly no longer seems to be a 'far from my bed show'. Besides a lot of panic and unrest, we are also forced to think about our way of life.

What do we leave behind as human beings? Who are we as human beings, besides the fact that we exist? How do we express ourselves? What are our dreams? What do they look like? How do we love? How do we experience pain, happiness and how do we grow? Don't our imperfections and dark parts of our collective existence make us human? And then we can ask a pressing question: how do we capture these emotions?

Photography is the ideal tool for this, because it captures our existence in all its beauty and repugnance.

Let us safeguard the legacy of the future and do everything we can to preserve our 'Planet Human' and proudly show who we are, in all our facets, good and evi!

 We invite our applicants to present their images within the context of our theme. We invite any artist that works in the realm of visual culture to apply for the upcoming edition of the festival. We welcome manifold interpretations and opinions that express all the different shades of grey that exist within the theme.

If you want to join our growing community, please submit your images inspired by the theme 'Planet Human' before July 10th 2021. Our committee will make a selection of participating photographers and invite them to showcase their work at our exhibition. 

We want to give the independent photography community an opportunity to exhibit during our festival As a small independent organization that consists of passionate photography freelancers, we want to create a platform that caters to a wide spectrum of photographers. However, we cannot make it work without your financial contribution as we are only partially funded. With your contribution, we cover organizational, productional and promotional costs to make sure your work is facilitated and promoted in the best way possible. For each submission we ask a €19 fee.

Image taken by Tessa Giele

Tessa Giele

What is in it for you:

We select over 20 single photographs

-We select 1 winner for the best (1th price is €200,-)
-We show your work alongside the greatest photographers of today
-We send you a personal invitation with your artwork for the festival, you can then promote your participation
-We promote you on our website
-We promote you on our socials

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